Play with me!


It’s not always easy for moms and dads to feel fond of their children’s play. Sometimes, there sometimes simply is a lack of time or ideas to get into the fantastic world of children. In the first part of our blog serie, we will explain why playing together, parents and children, is of great importance to children.

For the little ones, playing together with their parents means above all getting to know each other and strengthening emotional bonds. Later, parents become perfect playmates with whom they can share ideas, experiences, excitement, and joy.

For adults, play also gives them the opportunity to observe the child’s social, emotional, motor and cognitive development and to support them during their development.

A question that probably worries many parents: Should I always offer games to my child?

It is not always necessary to have a play suggestion ready, because children have many ideas of their own and often only need a safe and appropriate environment to implement them. It’s good to be able to offer them ideas or play suggestions from time to time, but keep in mind that the obsession with constantly offering games and activities prevents children from developing their curiosity, imagination and initiative. Remember that “boredom” also gives them the opportunity to develop new game ideas.

The most important thing is to create a framework in which your children can develop freely. Be curious about their interests and respond to their needs. Although it’s not always easy for us as adults, try to follow your sons and daughters ’ideas and show or quote feelings. Try to avoid distractions such as loud noises, an excess of toys, cell phones… be there present, for your children. Be aware that a short but intense play time is more important for your children than not spending a lot of time together but only "halfway" with him.

By the way, everyone involved, both children and adults, has the right to take a break from playing. We all need to disconnect 😉

What attitude to adopt during the game?

Like children, adults have different behaviors during play, and in both cases there is nothing right or wrong. Some mothers or fathers prefer the more conventional and quieter play variants in order to support their children’s cognitive and communicative abilities. Others, on the other hand, prefer dynamic and intense moving games in which the little ones face new challenges and therefore, among other things, build self-confidence.

Playing together, the children should be in charge of taking the direction and initiative of the game. As a parent, what matters is wanting to participate and being fully involved with the child's ideas.

In the end, though, the most important thing is that you have fun together. This is a prerequisite for positive experiences, memories and motivation, which facilitates the integration of what has been learned and strengthens the bond between parents and children.



Playing together strengthens the bond between parents and children.

Parents can observe the child's development and support him when he needs it

Game suggestions do not have to be constant. It is up to the child to take the initiative and develop their imagination.

When playing together: be fully present for your son/daughter

A short and intense playing time is better than a long time but without desire or involvement

All participants should be able to take a break from playing

Participate in the child’s ideas



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