Easter Egg Challenge



Hi, my name is Fanni and I am an Easter egg. 

From KULTURFABRIK we want to offer you a free and fun activity to do as a family in the center of Girona!

You have to look for my 10 friends (other Easter eggs) who have been strategically hidden in the shop windows of 10 establishments in the commercial axis of the city.

You can look for them from March 27th to April 6th.

Every boy and girl who manages to find 6 of my friends hidden in the city, will receive a surprise from the KULTURFABRIK !!

To get it you have to download for free right here (above the text on the left) the map where the search area is delimited and a document where all my friends drawn so that you can recognize them. In this same document, as you find them, you can write their names and the store where you found them. Once you have found at least 6, send us a photo of this paper to info@kulturfabrikgirona.com or @kulturfabrikgirona and so I will know that you have found them and I will be able to prepare the surprise for you.

If you also want to appear on our Instagram proving that you are a great finder of Easter eggs, you can also send us a funny photo where you go out, your families, pets ... with the document with the name of my friends, and we will upload it !!

If you follow us on Instagram (@kulturfabrikgirona) I will give you clues as to where you can find my friends.


Good luck and happy Easter !!