Daily plan


Daily or weekly plans

Plans, especially when they are with pictures, help the whole family get an overview of daily or weekly routines, and offer children a structure and rhythm that creates security and confidence. This fact has taken on even more importance in COVID-19 times.

Rituals and fixed activities of daily routine can also help prevent possible conflicts and discussions, ensuring clarity of what needs to be done for everyone, both young and old.

There are many different ideas and options to make your daily or weekly plans at home. From Kulturfabrik we want to propose a couple that we especially like, because both when drawing and pasting and uploading images, children can collaborate and thus become more involved in the daily routine. . You will see how much fun you will have as a family doing them and it will be much easier for the children later to feel identified with the chosen routine! As you can see in our examples, it is a rope or a piece of wood that mark the linearity of time (morning to evening / night), where the different images are placed with the help of 'a pair of tweezers or velcro.

As mentioned before,  to get the children involved from the beginning, it is best to work together, parents and children, in order to draw up the daily or weekly plan. Children can help by choosing and placing the pictures where they belong. In addition, it is important to be able to discuss, agree and explain the sequence of activities chosen by everyone once the routine has been designed.

Here's how to create your own personalized daily plan, which you can of course expand to a weekly plan.


What you need

- glue

- Scissors

- Pencil

- rule

- picture cards of daily activities (From KULTURFABRIK we provide you with some illustrated drawings that you can download)


Depending on the method you choose

- Cord

- Clothespins

- Velcro

- thick piece of cardboard or wood

- laminator + sheets

  1. First print and cut out the drawings of the daily activities provided by KULTURFABRIK.
  2. Attach them to sturdy cardboard or plasticize them (and cut them out again)

If you have decided on the simple version of the plan, you can now hang the cards with the pictures on the string with the help of tweezers and ... done!

If you prefer to attach the images to a cardboard or wooden base with velcro, you can first decorate them as you like, and then attach the velcro to the back of the images and the wood / cardboard so that they can stick.

To create a weekly plan, it is advisable to write or draw the days of the week at the base. Of course, in this case you should print the drawings more than once as many will be repeated over the days.

  1. Place the plan in a place in your home that is visible to everyone.
  2. Discuss / agree on the plan together
  3. Extend the plan with other personalized activities apart from those provided by KULTURFABRIK

If you need any additional activities and want it in the same format as the Kulturfabrik you can contact us and we will design it especially for you!


If you want, you can send us photos of your results and we will post them on our social networks !! 😊

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