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Play in family


KULTURFABRIK offers a space to spend quality time between parents and children. Current work schedules, availability and pace of life often do not allow us to spend as much time as we would like with the little ones. That’s why, one Saturday morning every month, we open the KULTURFABRIK to make it available to families, with the aim of offering a space where you can spend quality time with your children. You will have a dynamic space, equipped with didactic and educational valuable material to be able to play, experience and enjoy together a Saturday morning dedicated exclusively to you, thus establishing and strengthening your emotional bonds and your relationship of trust.

If you are offering your partner to go out to dinner or any other weekend plan to have a moment just for you, why not offer it to your child as well?

For more information see the page of our playgroups.


one session: 10 € / family

5 sessions:  40 € / family

Are you a group of friends? Contact us and we will make you a special offer!

Creative workshops


KULTURFABRIK offers a space for creativity so that the child can grow and develop under the belief of “nothing is impossible”. In this way, their self-confidence is strengthened and they are motivated to actively participate in various artistic activities and to experiment

In the creative workshops of KUTLURFABRIK, everything that is fun is allowed, using a wide range of materials and various techniques children, in addition to fine motor skills and tactile perception, stimulate their imagination and make their "I" more creative by letting their imagination fly.


8 - 15 €*

*the price depens on every single activity

We offer activities on various topics and announce them on our Instagram account or directly by email.

Mama Meetup


Through creative activities and the exchange of ideas and experiences, we answer our questions and strengthen our self-confidence to fully enjoy an important stage of our life, motherhood. Far from assimilating us to prepartum classes (equally necessary and compatible with the activity we offer at KULTURFABRIK) and information events , the Mama Meetup space is a space for debate where we will put on the table our fears, our experiences and possible forms of action. A relaxed and fun time sharing our experiences with our peers and receiving personalized responses through the group.


The first time you come it is free.

We inform you of our upcoming meetups on our Instagram account or directly via email.