About us

At Kulturfabrik we offer a dynamic space designed for the whole family, where the little ones are the protagonists and free play is the main basis of all our activities.

Here children can play and experiment with a wide variety of age-appropriate teaching materials, which give them the opportunity to develop their cognitive, emotional-social and motor skills, according to their interests and needs.

This maxim applies not only to the playgroups and creative courses, but also to our language classes. Our methodology is based on the active participation of children, without master classes, and with the philosophy of learning through play.

The essence of Kulturfabrik is internationality, which is why communication and play in different languages ​​are a fundamental part of our activities.

At Kulturfabrik we also attach great importance to the emotional part of mothers and fathers. We want our facilities to be a meeting point that serves to enjoy new experiences, find support, share experiences, generate debates and exchange ideas with other people who are in the same situation.

My name is Lisa Nussbaum and I am the soul of Kulturfabrik. I was born in Germany in 1991 and have been living in Catalonia since 2014.

I am a qualified Child Educator with a European qualification. In addition, I also have a degree in DAZ - German as a second language for children in kindergarten, nursery school and primary education. Recently I have also taken specialization courses in children's massage and relaxation, free play and motor play, and Montessori pedagogy.

I define myself as a creative and responsible person who loves crafts, languages, traveling and learning from new cultures.

Interests and needs-oriented action, as well as free play and the participation of the children are the basic requirements of my work and I think the best way to learn a language is to do it naturally, without master classes.

I have had the Kulturfabrik project in mind for many years, but it wasn’t until last 2019 that I was lucky enough to be a mother for the first time, that I decided to embark on this adventure. I wanted to contribute a part of my culture and my way of understanding the education of the little ones to the Girona society that has adopted me so well.

I hope we can meet soon at Kulturfabrik!